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Magnólia Piano Bar

A relaxed and cozy atmosphere

The Magnolia Piano Bar is the ideal place to enjoy the company of your love or even your friends, accompanied by a delicious drink and the sound of live music. A pleasant piano adds more charm and glamor to the ambience. Relax and enjoy a good conversation while you’re waiting for dinner!

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Menu Magnólia Piano Bar

With the signature of the renowned Chef Antônio Pereira, the gastronomy of Hotel Recanto das Toninhas located in Ubatuba is marked by the best of national and international cuisine. With two restaurants at your disposal, our dishes are light, fresh and soft with combinations prepared to cater to the most demanding guests. With an immense variety of flavors, it is possible to choose between fish, seafood, meats, pasta and salads, as well as our delicious desserts. Thinking about the children’s audience, we have Kids’ menus designed and made for the little ones. The hotel also offers 2 restaurants and 1 bar with live music on Saturday night evenings that cater to guests whether at the beach, pool or restaurant.

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    Appertizer Filet

    Crad Cake

    French Fries

    Fried Shrimps

    Fried Squid

    Frish Sticks

    Meat Cheese

    Vegetable Sticks

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    No Alcoholic Beverages

    Mineral Water

    (sparkling water flavored with fruit essence)

    Natural Fruit Juice

    Soft Drinks

    Tomato Juice

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    Alcoholic Beverages

    Brazilian Gin

    Brazilian Vodka

    Imported Vodka

    Longneck Beers- Stella, Heineken, Budweiser

    Longneck Beers-Skol, Brahma

    Paulistania Beer 600 ml



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    (a cocktail made of condesed milk Brazilian Vodka)

    Batida with Brazilian Vodka

    Batida with Imported Vodka

    Blood Colada Cocktail

    Blood Mary Cocktail


    Caipirinha with Brazilian Vodka

    Caipirinha with Imported Vodka

    Cuba Libre Cocktail

    Margarita Cocktail

    None Alcoholic Fruit Cocktail

    Sake Caipirinha

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    Imported 08 years

    Imported 12 years

    Imported 15 years